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Lets break something!

Sometimes you just need to get rid of some stress. At our site we set everything up so you’re able to go in and start breaking and smashing till your hearts content!

We specializes in recreational activity that is fun for everyone! 

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What is a break room?

A break room (also called a “rage room”) is a room where you can break items by throwing them or you can choose a tool that is provided, like a baseball bat or golf club, and break your items! It is a safe place where you will be provided protective gear and can release emotions, de-stress, and have fun!

DeAnna at Vancouver Rage Room

Support Wall

The support wall allows you to buy a special spot on our front wall! Everyone who comes in will be able to see whatever you decide to put up, or you can advertise anything that is important to you!

Select ANY date and time to bypass the date feature. The date and time DOES NOT matter for the Support Wall. Thank You!

Paint Splash Room in New York

What is a Paint Splash Room?

A paint splash room will also be available where you will be provided some protective attire, paint, a canvas, and the space to be as messy as you want! This is a great outlet for any age, and you also get to take home a souvenir!

Planned events for this holiday season!

Kids Smash

Kids age 2 to 12 can smash and break boxes!

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